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Beauty and Your Best

ReSpa offers facials and aesthetic treatments like other spas, but
maintains a focus on personal health and wellness for our clients.

Body Treatments

Discover the perfect harmony between relaxation and
revitalization with our range of individualized body

Emsculpt Neo®

Reduces fat, tones and builds muscle, to enhance your existing exercise regime, without extra gym time. The easy way to sculpted abs, a flatter stomach, firm buttocks, and better health.


This remarkable non-invasive technology is used for pelvic floor therapy to strengthen your pelvic muscles without exercise or downtime, reduce incontinence, improve balance, and promote sexual function.


An innovative, FDA-approved treatment that attacks cellulite formations directly with targeted vibrations, dramatically improving both skin texture and dermal health.

Facial Treatments

Elevate your natural beauty and skincare regimen with
our tailored selection of individual facial treatments.


Finally, a healthy, non-invasive, non-surgical facelift has arrived! Experience Emface®, the painless way to a more youthful look.

Exion® RF Microneedling

This advanced microneedling treatment uses AI and fractional RF technology to optimize and deepen treatments for more pronounced results.


Hydrafacial® combines deep cleansing with impurity extraction and intensive moisturization to leave your skin younger-looking and radiant.

Exion® Targeted Ultrasound

Utilizes high intensity ultrasound to stimulate natural, needle free production of hyaluronic acid.

ReSpa Signature Facials

We offer a variety of signature facials tailored to your individual needs


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