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Core To Floor

Core to Floor is ideal for everyone, but designed specifically for adults who want to maintain or enhance an active lifestyle longer, even for those with limited mobility

Foundational Fitness

Pro athletes know how essential core conditioning is to their game. Building core strength improves performance in numerous ways, often adding the “competitive edge” needed for success in any sport.

ReSpa’s Core to Floor package is designed to give athletes and active adults solid core conditioning that will not only improve their performance, but will help them to remain healthy and active as their bodies age.

Power Performance at Any Age

The Core to Floor package includes Emsella® treatments, as well as Emsculpt Neo® treatments, delivered over the course of your visits.
Get a Competitive Edge
Studies have shown Core to Floor conditioning can improve workout performance by up to 70%, and can
increase agility by as much as 20%.
Reduce Body Fat
Emsculpt Neo treatments significantly reduce visceral abdominal fat (as much as 2 inches of waistline), alleviating health concerns and improving overall fitness.
Better Than Any Workout
Both Emsella and Emsculpt Neo engage core muscles better than exercise alone can. It’s like doing 20,000 sit-ups (Emsculpt Neo) in a half hour or 12,000 Kegels in 20 minutes.
Manage Muscle Loss
From age 30 on, people begin losing about 3-5% of their muscle mass per decade. Challenge this condition (known as sarcopenia) by building muscle mass at your body’s core.

Ideal for Active Adults

In addition to athletes, ReSpa’s Core to Floor package is a wonderful gift for active adults over 60. It has been clinically shown to improve balance by 30%, agility by 20%, and to increase one’s walking pace by as much as 45%.

ReSpa’s Core to Floor conditioning package is a fantastic and low-impact way to get in better shape, amp up your golf or tennis game, or just to more easily perform your daily activities. It will also improve your sex life

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Emsella Chair

Emsculpt Neo

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