Facial Packages

Needle-Free Facelift

This amazing aesthetic treatment package combines leading-edge facial treatments, supplements and skin care products to refresh your face and roll back the years.

No Knives or Needles Needed

ReSpa has made it our mission to deliver the very best in non-invasive treatments that benefit both health and aesthetics at the same time. So, it’s only “natural” that we would use these tools to create the ideal restorative non-surgical facelift as well.

Our Restorative Needle-Free Faceliftt package combines Emface and Hydrafacial treatments, treating both the skin and the foundational musculature beneath it. To this, we add ZO clinical skincare products and Hush+Hush Hydrate+ supplement capsules for the skin, taking this knifeless facelift to a whole new level.

Above, Below, and Within

Our Restorative Needle-Free Facelift package treats skin at the surface, facial lift muscles below the surface, and systemic moisturizing within your cells themselves.
Zero Downtime
The ReSpa Restorative Needle-Free Facelift is completely non-invasive and painless, so there is no recovery time needed.
Beauty and the Best
Our Restorative Needle-Free Facelift matches several complimentary best-in-class treatments together for results that are simply breathtaking.
Beautiful Wellness
The treatments and products included in ReSpa’s Restorative Needle-Free Facelift do not just enhance aesthetically, they promote better health as well.
Take it Even Further
The ReSpa Restorative Needle-Free Facelift is administered as a single treatment, but it can be easily extended with additional Emface or Hydrafacial treatments to become part of your regular beauty regimen.

Roll Back the Years

It’s been shown that looking younger can help you feel younger as well, so for many, our Restorative Needle-Free Facelift package is something of a time machine, regardless of your age.

Of course, something like this makes an exceptional gift idea, even if it’s one you give to yourself. 😉

Package Details

1 Emface Session

1 Hydratherapy

Hush+Hush Hydrate
Skin Capsule Supplements
ZO Anti-Aging Skin Care Products


Treatment in a Bottle

ReSpa prides itself on offering a comprehensive spectrum of wellness services, including supplement products that deliver essential nutrients to the cells that need them most. Explore our selection of effective premium-quality supplements that are backed by real science.


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