Emsculpt Neo®

Reduce fat and tone and build muscle, to enhance your existing exercise regime.
The easy way to sculpted abs, firm buttocks, and better health.

Trade fat for muscle tone

Imagine if you could get the benefits of doing over 20,000 squats or sit-ups in one painless 30-minute treatment without exercising.

Emsculpt Neo® represents the latest innovation in body sculpting. It’s a clear successor to the popular Coolsculpting® treatments offered by many other spas, yet Emsculpt Neo provides a significant advantage – it also builds muscle while eliminating unsightly bulges.

How it Works

Emsculpt Neo® treatments use both Radio Frequency (RF) and High Intensity Focused Electomagnetic (HIFEM) energy to penetrate fat and target muscles deep beneath the surface.

The RF energy also heats up collagen in the skin, causing fibers to reform bonds, which results in skin tightening, and improved muscle blood flow.

The targeted RF and HIFEM fields not only cause fat cell apoptosis (cell death), but also depolarize muscle tissue, rapidly triggering supra-maximal (forceful) muscle contractions. These involuntary contractions are actually more powerful than voluntary ones, allowing clients to build core musculature deep within the body in ways that physical workouts cannot, delivering the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups (or reps) in one 30-minute session.

The machine even features a lactic acid breakdown cycle to prevent cramps and soreness the day following your session.
treatment Highlights

Treatments are painless 
Can wear your own clothes
No down time 
Non invasive 
Typical treatment is 4-6 sessions per body part

What Emsculpt Neo Treats

Emsculpt Neo® can be used to treat some of the body’s most visible muscle groups.

Ideal for Active Adults

In addition to athletes, ReSpa’s Core to Floor package is a wonderful gift for active adults over 60. It has been clinically shown to improve balance by 30%, agility by 20%, and to increase one’s walking pace by as much as 45%.

ReSpa’s Core to Floor conditioning package is a fantastic and low-impact way to get in better shape, amp up your golf or tennis game, or just to more easily perform your daily activities. It will also improve your sex life

Treatments that Work

In clinical trials, Emsculpt Neo was shown to reduce fat by 30%, and increase muscle by 28% in as little as 4 sessions, making it one of the most effective treatments available today.


30% decrease in fat


28% increase muscle

Questions and Answers

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