An innovative, FDA-approved treatment that attacks cellulite formations directly with targeted vibrations, dramatically improving both skin texture and dermal health.

The Cellulite Eraser

Unsightly patches of dimpled and lumpy cellulite are caused by more than just subdermal fat. These areas also contain accumulated waste and restricted blood vessels that undermine dermal health.

Cellutone™ treatments combat these areas directly, using a wand that applies deep and targeted vibrations to visible cellulite. The vibrations mechanically break down the cellulite and promote microcirculation that increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected regions. Excess interstitial fluid and waste is then eliminated naturally.

The result is a dramatic improvement in the skin’s appearance.

How it Works

The Cellutone system is designed to address the main factors that create cellulite within the dermis. Patients lay flat while a technician treats problem areas with a hand-held wand that delivers targeted vibrational pulses into the skin.

These pulses mechanically loosen and break apart the subdermal tissue structures that give cellulite its lumpy, dimpled appearance. Breaking up these areas also increases microcirculation, improving the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin for improved dermal health. Waste fluids and fat are then eliminated through the body’s natural processes.
Emsculpt Neo Highlights

Removes main factors that cause cellulite
No down time
Painless and soothing
“Lunch hour” treatment
Can be used anywhere on the body

What Cellutone Treats


Ideal for Active Adults

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Treatments that Work

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Questions and Answers

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