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Maternity Reset

ReSpa offers a special package for moms to help them get back their prepartum body and reverse some of the effects of child-bearing, including pelvic floor therapy.

Helping You Love the New You

Even the healthiest pregnancies can have long-term effects on a woman's body and health. Hormonal changes, weight gain, abdominal shifting, weakened pelvic muscles, and hair loss are some of the most common issues moms experience shortly after childbirth. With less time to focus on self-care and sleep deprivation, it takes time to fully recover from the transformation our bodies have experienced in the last nine months. At Respa, we are focused on bringing you the best non-invasive treatments to help mothers journey to recovery and wellness with no downtime.

ReSpa’s Maternal Reset package is designed to correct abdominal and pelvic floor weakening, helping moms reverse these postpartum issues before they become chronic. We take a holistic approach to addressing skin changes and hair loss by offering our clean supplements and organic skincare partners, to help you feel like you again.

The “Before Baby Body”

Our Maternal Reset package includes 6 Emsella® treatments, as well as 4 Emsculpt Neo® treatments, delivered over the course of 6 visits.
Hold Your Pee Better
Clinical studies show 75% of patience experience a reduction in the need for pads, and 95% have an improved quality of life!
Get Your Groove Back
Emsella has been clinically shown to improve sexual function and satisfaction in postpartum (and post-menopausal) women.
Flatten Your Baby Belly
Emsculpt Neo treatments are the fastest way to tighten abdominal muscles while eliminating excess body fat – up to 2 inches of waistline –  at the same time.
Lose the Kangaroo
Emsculpt Neo also reduces diastasis recti, the separation of abdominal muscles during pregnancy, helping to eliminate the belly pouch pregnancy often leaves behind.
Better Than Exercise
Emsculpt Neo and Emsella treatments strengthen core muscles far better than exercise alone can. It’s like doing 20,000 sit-ups (Emsculpt Neo) or 12,000 Kegels in less than half an hour.

The Perfect Gift for Mom

Once a baby arrives, new mothers tend to have their hands too full to worry about themselves. But, left unresolved the effects of pregnancy can manifest into chronic conditions. That’s why our Maternal Reset package is so perfect for moms of all ages.

Show the mom in your life how important her health is to you and your family with a Maternal Reset gift package.

Package Details

6 Emsella Chair

4 Emsculpt Neo

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Treatment in a Bottle

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